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Quality Music Instruction at an Affordable Price

Clef Notes Music Instruction is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children through music. Learning to play a musical instrument is a wonderful experience for any child. The benefits go much deeper than the art of playing the instrument. Modern research has shown that an instrumental music education actually optimizes brain function, boosts IQ, and enhances self-discipline, goal-setting, self-esteem, and patience. Children experience a special feeling of pride and accomplishment for a song well played, a job well done. Through our service, this opportunity is available at a low cost.

We teach our students to be musically literate, develop technical proficiency on the selected instrument, learn rhythmic notation, and expose them to various music styles. We teach in small group sizes using well respected method books and strive to give personal attention to each student in every group. Annual springtime recitals are held at school giving our enrolled students the opportunity to perform for their family and friends.

Why Instruments

Benefits of Instrumental Music Instruction

♪ Literally Expands the Brain and Raises IQ
♪ Improves Academic Skills and Test Scores
♪ Playing with Classmates Improves Social Skills
♪ Promotes Self-Discipline and Self-Esteem
♪ Fun and Improves Memory and Creativity
♪ Helps Develop the Whole Child

New technology allows researchers to scan the brains of children while they perform various scholastic activities. Unlike any of the other subjects, it was discovered that while they were learning to play a musical instrument all quadrants of their brain fired. It has been proven that children who start at a young age with instruments do a better job in high school, and on average score 22% higher on their SAT scores!

Over these last 20 years, it has been proven that the younger children begin instrumental music lessons, the more beneficial they are. The research shows that instrumental music education should be introduced at the same time as basic language skills, writing skills, reading skills, and basic math skills. In other words, the first through fourth grade is ideal!

The focus of Clef Notes Music Instruction is to offer this instrumental music instruction to younger children and utilize educational web sites to put forth a program in step with today's diversity in teaching and on the same course as the latest research.

Our Program

Why Our Program is Unique

It is the goal of Clef Notes Music to introduce children to the art of learning to play a musical instrument at the prime ages to begin (1st through 8th grades). Our students have the option of studying band instruments as well as piano, guitar, recorder, and violin. Schools participating in our program only need to provide a room to conduct the lessons. We handle all administrative duties associated with running the music program.

♪ Voluntary registration with no cost to schools
♪ Low monthly cost to parents
♪ Fine teaching staff (Diocesan compliant)
♪ Grades 1-8 are eligible to learn an instrument with special instrument offerings for Grades 1-3
♪ Wide variety of instruments (piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, recorder, violin, woodwinds, brass, percussion)
♪ Lessons held at school in small group sizes
♪ Unique scheduling for conducting lessons during the school day
♪ After school programs also available
♪ Progress reports twice a year
♪ Spring recitals

Below are demonstrations of most of the instruments for which we offer lessons.

For Further Information, please see our Parent Resource Guide: Parent Resource Guide

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